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Mobile Is back Great News! The VBSFCU mobile app is back up and running! How do you access the new app? You may have prompted to update the old app.  Deleted the old app? No worries! Click here to get started. … Continue reading

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Youth Up2date

Good Grade Drawing

2nd Quarter Report cards are due by Friday, February 26 by 5:00 p.m.

Send by mail, fax or email to:
Attn:Michelle Eldredge
3701 Bonney Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Fax:  757.463.2169 or email:  meldredge@vbsfcu.org


Not ONE, but TWO scholarships are now available!  Tweet for College (pictured below) and VBSFCU’s very own JoAnn B. Wyatt Memorial Scholarship Fund.

JoAnn B. Wyatt Application

Tweet for College is back!  Click on the banner below for more information on how to win scholarship money.  Hurry, don’t delay.  Contest ends March 10.  “May the force be with you.”


Winter Newsletter – Elements of Money

The latest edition is here!  Click to read on.

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