VBSFCU Board of Directors:

Dr. Catherine Rogers, Chairman
Valarie Williams, Vice Chairman
Don Clement, Treasurer
Ann Sye, Secretary
Jim Herron
Gene Gregory
A. Joy King
Doug Knapp
Pat Ewell (Director Emeritus)

VBSFCU Management & Staff

L. Brian Clark, CCUE
Email: bclark@vbsfcu.org

Vice President of Information Systems & Accounting
Becki Westman
Email: bwestman@vbsfcu.org
Tel: (757) 463-3650 x311

Vice President of Marketing
Amy M. Mallinson
Email: amallinson@vbsfcu.org
Tel: 757-463-6097

Marketing Department
Business Development/School Programs
Email: marketing@vbsfcu.org

Consumer Lending Specialist
Joyce Thorogood (MLO#1439165)
Email:  jthorogood@vbsfcu.org
Tel (757) 306-7999

Real Estate Loan Specialist
Patrice Taylor (MLO#609836)
Email: ptaylor@vbsfcu.org
Tel (757) 306-7998

Vice President of Loan Servicing 
Gene Eller
Email: geller@vbsfcu.org
Tel: (757) 463-3650 x326

Bonney Road Branch
Michelle Dorland DeMuro, Vice President & Member Service Executive
Email: mdemuro@vbsfcu.org
Tel: (757) 463-3650 x701

Bonney Road Teller Supervisor
Robin McElhaney
Email: Rmcelhaney@vbsfcu.org
(757) 463-3650 x315

Salem Commons Branch
Ryan Orwig, Branch Manager
Email: rorwig@vbsfcu.org 
Tel: (757) 463-3650 x701

Red Mill Branch 
Karen Reed, Branch Manager
Email: kereed@vbsfcu.org
Tel: (757) 463-3650 x756

Main Line: 757-463-3650

Electronic Services: 309,310,320
Loan Servicing Specialist: 340, 326, 339
Member Service Specialists: 306, 305, 307, 319, 322, 700, 752,
Community Relations/Marketing: 316