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What’s New and Exciting with VBSFCU Mobile Banking?

Control Your Cards

It’s Saturday night, and your having fun with your friends at Town Center, and discover you can’t find your VBSFCU VIsa Debit Card!

What do you do?

Log into your mobile app and “Disable” your card! If you find it, GREAT! Just log back into the mobile app and “Activate” it!

What if you can’t find it?

Change the status to “Lost” or “Stolen” and your card will immediately be closed, and a new card will be ordered for you! There is a fee for the new card – so make sure you truly can’t find it before you select “Lost” or “Stolen”.

How does it work?

  1. Log into home banking
  2. Tap on  “Remote Control Cards”
  3. Tap on the correct active & open card - Make sure if a joint account you select the correct card.
  4. Change your status to Active, Disabled, Lost or Stolen.  Hit “Save”

Can I Deposit A Check With My Phone?

Yes!  Deposit checks from the comfort of your own home or office with one little snap! How It Works:

  1. Choose “Deposit” in the mobile app.
  2. Endorse your check with “For VBSFCU Remote Deposit Only,” your signature and account number.
  3. Choose the account you would like your deposit to go and enter the amount.
  4. Place your check on a dark surface and ensure you have good lighting.
  5. Take a picture.
  6. Click deposit.

You will receive a notification when your check deposit has been accepted.  It’s that simple!

Is there a disclosure I need to read?

Yes, please read our Remote Deposit Capture Disclosure

Can I Set Up Text Alerts in Home Banking?

Yes! It’s So easy to set up text or email alerts!

  1. Tap the three lines to the far left-hand side of the home banking screen. A drop-down box will appear.
  2. Under the User Profile, go to Settings, then Edit Email. Click on the blue Add Email button and add your phone’s email (see below for service providers accepted).
    1. Click on the e-alert Button, then make sure you hit “submit” when you are done. (This is also where you can go to sign up for e-statements!)
  3. After you add your number, go back to the three lines, scroll down to the Services bar, then click on e-Alerts. Click on “New e-alert” and set up your alert using the mobile phone email address.

To set up text alerts, use your mobile phone email address.

Accepted Mobile Providers:

What Else Can I Do With Mobile Banking?

Click here to review the Home Banking Page for more information.

Watch the Mobile Banking Tutorial Below

VBSFCU Mobile Banking for iPhone®

VBSFCU Mobile Banking for Android™