#DoGood School GiveBack

It’s Back! Starting June 1, you can help a local Teacher every time you use VBSFCU for a loan!

How does it work?
For each Mortgage Loan, Auto Loan, or Personal Loan you finance with VBSFCU through August 31, 2017, we will transfer a dollar amount into our #DoGood fund!

How Much?
Home Loan –      $25.00
Auto Loan –        $10.00
Personal Loan  - $5.00

How does this benefit our local Teachers & schools?
Any teacher can apply for a #DoGood donation! We will fund as many applications as we can, based on the amount of money raised. All applications must be turned in no later than August 31, 2017.

DoGood Application_fillable

What is DoGood?

DoGood is one of our community giveback programs. We select several local organizations/charities and school programs in our immediate area for our programs. We take a portion of our income from new loans, and give it back. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships with our community, so when you bring us more of your business, we can give back more.

Community Donations:
April – June 2016:            $538.00
July – October 2016:    $3,630.00
April – May 2017:            $1,280