What is #DoGood?

Do Good is one of our community collaborative giveback programs. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships with our community, so when members bring us more of their business, we seek opportunities to give back and Do Good in our local community.

How does #DoGood work?
For each new Mortgage, Auto, or Personal Loan, adult checking or youth account opened with VBSFCU during certain times of the year, we donate a dollar amount into our Do Good fund.

How much do we donate?  It depends on the account type.

Home Loan:      $25.00
Auto Loan:        $10.00
Personal Loan:   $5.00
New Checking Account  or youth savings account: $5.00

How does #DoGood benefit our local community?
When our members close their loan(s) and/or open a new checking account/youth savings account, they are asked to select a local school or charity. The Summer  Do Good program tracks qualifying new accounts, and a donation is made into our summer teacher giveback program.

Teacher Giveback: Each summer, we collect requests from local teachers who need help with classroom expenses. During this time, for each loan or new checking account our members open with us, we donate a certain amount (see above) into the Do Good fund. At the end of August, we tally how much money was donated into the Do Good Fund, then giveback to as many teachers as the fund will allow.

Click on the link for the nomination form. DoGood Application_Summer2018

School Giveback: Starting in September, we ask our members (who open new loans or checking accounts with us) the name of their favorite local school. In December we send a donation to each school selected by our members.

Program Giveback: Each spring, we raise money for three local school based programs. This past spring, it was the Virginia Beach Education Foundation, VBSchools Beach Bag program, and the VBSFCU Operation Backpack drive. Each member who uses us for a new loan or checking account is given the opportunity to select one of the programs.

Community/School Donations to date: $11,793

April – May 2018:                             $1,685
September – November 2017:         $2,500
June – August 2017:                        $2,160
April – May 2017:                             $1,280
July – October 2016:                        $3,630
April – June 2016:                               $538