Green Connection

Green Connection
Where Teens and Money Come Together

If you are 13-17 years old, we invite you to open a “Green” teen account! At your age, it’s more important now than ever to understand the financial world. One day soon, you’ll be off to college and living on your own. Let us help guide you and keep you financially free!

When you open a “Green” account:

  • Enter our quarterly Good Grade Drawing contest for a chance to win some cash
  • Earn interest on as little as $5
  • Free box of checks and free Visa check card when you open a checking account
  • Website designed just for you: Elements of MoneyElements of Money Link
  • Quarterly newsletter

What if I go to college or Move Away?

You can stay connected with VBSFCU by using our convenient automated services.
Balance inquiries, transfers, and loan payments are just a few of the things that can be done online using SmartLink Home Banking, our mobile apps, or through Infoline (our Phone Access Teller, 1-877-482-7328).

Visiting CU Service Centers is another great way to stay connected with your VBSFCU accounts. There are over 1,100 CU Service Centers nationwide, look for the “swirl” and you’ll be able to do deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquiries on your VBSFCU accounts. Find the CU Service Center locations & Surcharge Free ATM’s near your campus by visiting here.

What Happens When I Turn 18?

Transition from a Youth Checking to Adulthood with a Bridge Account!

Young adults are in a unique and eventful part of their lives. Learning how to responsibly manage your finances is one important part of it. Let’s face it, ‘adulting’ has its share of challenges. So we designed the Bridge Checking to help make managing your financial life easier. Learn More

What about financial education for my teen?

We have several programs for teens! As part of our Green Connection program, your teen will receive a quarterly newsletter and have access to the Elements of Money website.


Foolproof is our free financial education program for teens and young adults. Click here to visit our FOOLPROOF page and learn more.

Elements of Money newsletters help your teen stay “Green!”

How do I open a Green Connection Youth Account?

If you are already a VBSFCU member, just visit one of our branches to open a Youth Account for your child. Take a moment and review what you need to open his/her account.

I’m not yet a VBSFCU member, what do I need to know?

Welcome! We are excited to meet you! Please visit our Who Can Join page to make sure you qualify for membership.

If you already know you qualify, visit the Open an Account page to learn what you need to bring to become a member.



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