Langley Federal Credit Union is now the solution for all new loan applications. When applying for a loan online or over the phone, you will be redirected to the Langley loan team. As part of this process, Langley will work with you to establish a new savings account to finalize the loan application requirement. 

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Seeking Credit Building Help?

We want you to feel safe and secure knowing your best interest is important to us, which is why we offer special credit building products to help you rebuild or build your credit score. There are no hidden fees, or predatory high-interest rates to fear. We pride ourselves on helping our members not only in the good times but the difficult times too.

Our staff is trained to listen to your individual needs and help you reach your goals.

Who should take advantage of a credit building program?

Visit our online loan application.

Credit Builder Savings Secured Loan

This is a safe and easy way to re-establish credit. You may borrow up to $1,000.00 for 12 months. We will secure the loan with the amount you borrow, by depositing it into your interest-bearing savings account. After 12 consecutive on-time monthly payments, the funds will be released to you!

I want to learn more, can I call?

Our Credit Builder Experts: 757-463-3650 option 1

Do you have more information on Personal Loans?

Yes! Click here to visit our Personal Loan Page

Do you offer adult financial education?

Yes, we offer information on our website, and also partner with a local program called Bank On Hampton Roads. Bank On is a free adult financial education program.

What about financial education for my teen?

We have several programs for teens! As part of our Green Connection program, your teen will receive a quarterly newsletter and have access to the Elements of Money website.

Visit Elements Of Money

Are you FoolProof?

Foolproof is our free financial education program for teens and young adults. Click here to visit our FOOLPROOF page and learn more.