Langley Federal Credit Union is now the solution for all new loan applications. When applying for a loan online or over the phone, you will be redirected to the Langley loan team. As part of this process, Langley will work with you to establish a new savings account to finalize the loan application requirement. 

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What is an Overdraft Loan?

An overdraft loan is a personal line of credit that is attached to your share draft (checking) account. If you run out of money and you’ve been approved for this loan, the line of credit will cover your expenses so that you don’t bounce checks, miss payments, or have your debit card denied.

This loan is deposited into your share draft account as needed, up to your credit limit. We can customize how you want to pay your overdraft. For example: From your savings first, then line of credit or vice versa.

What to expect when applying for a loan.

I want a different option, what can you offer me?

We do offer alternative overdraft options. Click here to learn about Privilege Pay, or call our Loan Team for more information 757-463-3650, option 1.

I am ready to apply for an Overdraft Loan. What do I do?

You have several options when you are ready. You can call, apply online, or come into a branch.