Langley Federal Credit Union is now the solution for all new loan applications. When applying for a loan online or over the phone, you will be redirected to the Langley loan team. As part of this process, Langley will work with you to establish a new savings account to finalize the loan application requirement. 

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Do You offer Second Mortgage Loans?

Yes! Make your home the place to be using a home equity loan from VBSFCU! Your friends and family are one of a kind, and your home should be too. Make your home the spot to hang out by utilizing a home equity loan from VBSFCU. 

We understand each home loan is as unique as you are, and will make your experience easy, fast and hassle-free! Call: 757-463-3650 option 1

What is a Second Mortgage Loan?

This is a closed-end loan with a low fixed rate that is secured by a second mortgage deed of trust on your primary residence. (Owner occupied only).

The phrase “Second Mortgage” and “Home Equity Loan” may be used interchangeably.

Rolling Out The Welcome Mat

When you find the perfect home, your Credit Union can help you choose a mortgage that fits your needs. Our mortgage lending team is staffed by experienced professionals who would be pleased to explain all your borrowing options.

Learn more with our Home Loan Calculators

What if I need a loan not listed?

Call one of our Local Lending Experts, today!

How do I apply for a loan, and what can I expect?

If you are already a VBSFCU member with a savings account, apply online or call us using one of the phone numbers above.

Visit our “What to Expect” page to learn about our loan application process.

I would like to apply for a loan, how do I become a member?

Welcome! We are excited to meet you! Please visit our Who Can Join page to check if you qualify for membership. If you already know you qualify, visit the Open an Account page to learn what you need to bring to become a member.

What does VBSFCU do for our local community?

Learn about our Do Good programs and how we give back locally.