Bank On Program

Free Adult Financial Education Programs

Bank On Hampton Roads is a truly unique adult financial education experience.  Like a wellness plan for your finances, Bank On Hampton Roads offers all the education, support, and encouragement needed to launch your financial plans.

In this 10 month program, participants are encouraged to:

  • Increase Income
  • Grow Savings
  • Reduce Debt
  • Build Credit Score
  • Protect Assets

How will Bank On help me become financially savvy?

Firstly, during your once a month classes, you will learn strategies to overcome paycheck to paycheck living and speedy ways to reduce debt and see your savings grow.

Secondly, You will attend one class per month and meet with a personal financial coach once per month.

As you meet with your financial coach, you will build a financial plan centered on your goals and your dreams.

Coupled with the combination of knowledge and improved financial management techniques, you can see your dreams become reality!

Where does Bank On come from?

Bank On is one of over 70 financial education programs across the United States organized to improve your financial opportunities.

How is Bank On Hampton Roads different?

Bank On HR uses tested financial education materials to not only give you all the resources you need to put together a plan but also works with and leverages relationships with trusted financial partners, we empower you to take greater financial control.

When do Bank On Hampton Roads classes start?
Free classes begin in January, April, and September.

Invest in yourself – Register today!

Bank On Virginia Beach is also part of the Mayor’s Action Challenge for 500 Families Financially Fit for the Future.

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What other financial education programs do you offer?

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