Fabulous and Broke Series

Time: All sessions approx. an hour

Place: TBD

Goals and Objectives:

1. To help participants to better understand financial decision making
2. To help participants gain control over finances
3. To help participants avoid predatory lending practices

Course(s) Description:

Learn about financial concepts and practices from an ‘insider.” The classes will range in topic and will be repeated by request. Personalized instruction is offered. Please review the following session schedule These classes will also enhance your classroom instruction if you teach personal finance/economics.

Class Schedule: Please call.

Session One: Car Buying

    • Behind the “scenes” tips on car buying
    • Guest Speaker includes car sales person

Session Two: The Path to Financial Freedom

    • Savings & Spending Plans:  What is a true budget and how to create one. (Free CD given to each participant which includes: Budget Plan Spreadsheet, Monthly Bills Paid & Financial Snapshot)
    • Making Financial Choices – Understanding “fees” and bank terminology
    • Setting Financial Goals
    • Paying Your Bills – Crisis Mode
    • Creating a Debt Recovery Worksheet

Session Three: Credit Reports

    • How to read credit reports
    • How to review and read your credit report
    • How your score is calculated
    • How to establish credit
    • How to understand different types of loans and how they affect your credit

Session Four: Home Buying

    • Guest Speaker(s) include a realtor, mortgage lender & real estate lawyer (this session is longer–plan accordingly)

Session Five: Online Banking

    • How to use online banking
    • Using mobile banking
    • How to pay bills online
    • How to protect yourself online from phishing, pharming, and spyware

Session Six: Loans and Credit Cards – Charge it Right & Keep it Safe

    • Credit Cards – Insider tips on the good, the bad and the ugly
    • How to apply for a loan, what is expected, what a loan officer looks for on a credit report, what questions to ask, how to understand loan lingo.
    • General information on laws that protect consumers
    • Predatory Lending – who are the bad guys and how can they take advantage of you? What are payday lenders and title car lenders?  We will also review examples of finance company offers and how they can hurt your credit.

Session Seven: Crisis Mode

Course Policies: Financial topics are intimidating to many people. There are no dumb questions when it comes to finances. People come from many different types of financial backgrounds, and finances are typically a very personal issue. Please be sensitive to others and keep an open mind while in discussion groups.

Attendance: We will start on time. If you have to come in late, please take your seat quietly.

Conclusion: Everyone makes money mistakes; we will learn how to fix them.

Evaluation: Evaluation forms will be available after each class.

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