I teach personal finance and/or economics. Can you help me?

Yes! We offer guest speakers, lesson plans, credit union student tours, and free financial education curriculum.

Elementary School


Chair for My Mother (Reading). After reading and reviewing the lessons from the book,  students will do a coin identification and counting lesson.

First Grade

It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit (Reading).  After reading and reviewing the lessons from the book, students do coin identification and counting.

In addition, feel free to download the below PDF’s lesson plans to use in your classroom!

Free Downloads: Sammy the Rabbit Saving Lessons & Activities:
Big Dream   Get in the Habit    Make your Choices Count             Plan         Save       Show My Family the Way

Second Grade

Dragon Decides:  (Reading). Identifying the different types of resources using the Dragon Decides comic/coloring book.

Third Grade

Trading & Bartering Lesson: Students rate their levels of satisfaction with paper bags with different items (fun!) inside. They can “trade” and “barter” items until their bags contain the items they like most.

We also review the importance of money use, and how the early civilizations developed
money. VBSFCU supplies all materials.

Fourth Grade

M&M Budgeting Game: Students learn income vs. expenses, budgeting, and savings all in a fun candy-packed game! VBSFCU supplies candy and lessons.

Fifth Grade

Kids Marketplace (Real life scenario): Students pay “bills” for a month after being given a job & income.

The simulation takes at least an hour and a half. This is also a great PTA/Math Night activity for all ages. Click here for a schedule request form.

Middle & High  School

6th – 12th Grade

Reality Store Simulation: Similar to the Kids Marketplace; but delves deeper
into real-life responsibilities and also stresses continuing education and how it impacts their financial future.

Click here for a schedule request form.

All Grades

We are happy to adapt the curriculum to help with any assistance our educators need.

Student-Run Credit Union Locations

VBSFCU partners with local schools to provide on-site access to financial services students need to gain experience and knowledge about banking.

What is a Student-Run Credit Union?

VBSFCU and the partner school join to open a credit union branch inside the school building. The tellers that operate the branch are students and receive hands-on experience learning about workplace readiness skills and performing deposits.

The students using the branch gain money management skills and banking knowledge

School Tours

The tours are exciting for students of all ages. We cover workplace readiness skills, careers in financial services, what kind of questions are asked when
opening accounts, how to apply for loans, marketing, IT, and more!

Other programs for all grade levels are available, email amallinson@vbsfcu.org with your requests.

High School Online & Module Curriculum


Free high school and college-age online module-based curriculum

If you are a high school teacher and do not have access to the FOOLPROOF for High School/Workplace module, please contact Amy Mallinson. 

Real Money Experience Logo

Real Money Experience

Is a free training workshop to introduce educators to tools and resources available for teaching the Economics and Personal Finance course.

Pending local approval, teachers who complete the training will receive six hours of re-certification credit.

Real Money Experience Registration Form: The 2019 spring training was May 2. Please stay tuned for the next scheduled event!


NEFE  is a comprehensive teacher and student education guide designed for high school students. The lesson plans are divided into seven units:

  • Your Financial Plan, Where is all Begins
  • Budgeting, Making the Most of Your Money
  • Investing, Making Money Work for You
  • Good Debt, Bad Debt, Using Credit Wisely
  • Your Money, Keeping It Safe and Secure
  • Insurance, Protecting What You Have
  • Your Career, Doing What Matters Most

The program provides a number of practical advantages.

  • Proven to Work. This program is built around a methodology and philosophy that have been proven in independent studies to change students’ knowledge, actions, and self-confidence related to money.
  • Free. All of the HSFPP materials are available without charge or shipping costs (all materials) to high schools and other organizations throughout the United States.
  • Turnkey. The program is designed for easy classroom implementation.
  • Flexible. It is designed to be completed in as few as 16 classroom hours or over longer or shorter periods of time if desired.
  • Noncommercial. The HSFPP is strictly educational in nature with no product recommendations and nothing to sell.
  • Technology Links. This program is current with today’s technology. While the print curriculum stands on its own, it is complemented and integrated with a suite of Web sites that will provide an ever-growing body of learning opportunities for students, teachers, and parents.

How Students Learn Using the HSFPP

The three pillars of the NEFE HSFPP approach are built around three learning concepts:

  • The Four-Phase Learning Process, which moves a student from inquiring to gathering and processing, and finally applying the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that they have learned.
  • Competency-Based Learning, the goal of which is to provide students with the tools needed to perform each of the seven core competencies of the HSFPP.
  • Continuous Learning, a process of moving the learning from the laboratory environment of the classroom out into the world of the student.

Each concept is explained in detail as follows.

Student’s Web Site
Students will have a Web site of their own where they can access articles, tools, and games that can take their HSFPP learning to higher levels and move them toward practicing the behaviors the program teaches.

Parent’s Web Site
In this program, parents have an opportunity to play a role in helping reinforce the lessons you are teaching their teens in the classroom.

The site will contain a continually growing body of teaching tools for parents to use with their teens in achieving this goal.

Contact Information
Amy Mallinson

Order NEFE Materials
Visit: http://hsfpp.nefe.org (there is no “www” prefix!). You must create a login (it is quick).

VBSFCU is a City-Wide Partner with the Virginia Beach City Public Schools