Please be aware that according to Federal Regulation D (Reg D) as put forth by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, all share (savings) accounts are limited to six electronic transfers/withdrawals during any one calendar month period.

Electronic transfers/withdrawals consist and are defined by of any combination of the following:

transfer from share account using Info-Line telephone banking
transfer from share account using SmartLink home banking or mobile app
transfer requests from shares via the telephone
electronic transfers from shares to cover checking account overdrafts
ACH debits (pre-authorized withdrawals) from your share account

Unlimited withdrawal transactions may be made in person or at any branch location or at any ATM.

Also note, that if your share account reaches the regulation D six (6) electronic transfer/withdraws limit for the month, Your transaction(s) may be returned, and a fee may be applied. Further Reg D electronic transfers/withdraws will be prohibited for the rest of the applicable month. Returned items carry a fee for each item (see our fee schedule). 

Should you need to withdraw or transfer funds from your share account we will be happy to assist you in person at any of our branches or a Credit Union Service Center during normal operating hours.  For a listing of locations and hours click here.

Please contact our E-Services Department if you have any questions or concerns about fees or Reg D.