Youth & Young Adult


For our 0-17 account holders; our youth savings account allows our young members to earn dividends on as little as $5.00. This is a great learning tool for our young savers! Make sure to check out our “Youth Certificate” and start your young person on the route to an established savings habit.

Young Adult

I am Off To Travel The World?  How Do I Stay Connected?

You can stay connected with VBSFCU by using our convenient automated services. Balance inquiries, transfers, and loan payments are just a few of the things that can be done online using SmartLink Home Banking, our mobile apps, or through Infoline (our Phone Access Teller, 1-877-482-7328).

Visiting CU Service Centers is another great way to stay connected with your VBSFCU accounts. There are over 1,100 CU Service Centers nationwide, look for the “swirl” and you’ll be able to do deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquiries on your VBSFCU accounts. Find the CU Service Center location near your campus by visiting here.


Budget: Look at your income and spending habits. Allocate for weekly needs, wants, and impulses within your budget. Surprises happen, so let yourself break the budget. Just remember to make up for it in the coming weeks.

Say “Credit” not “Debit:” When using your VBSFCU Visa Check Card to make purchases say “credit” and sign for your purchase for a no fee/no limit transaction. The money is automatically withdrawn from your checking account, so don’t forget to record it in your check register; remember, there are consequences for overdrawing an account.

Credit Cards are Convenient but Risky: Credit means you’re borrowing money to repay from future income. Credit is a cost, and making the minimum payments will cost you even more. Credit cards are accepted universally and are good to have in emergencies. The spending habits you establish now will follow you through life – make sure they’re good ones!

Keep Your Social Security Number as Private as Possible: If possible, request a randomly generated student ID number instead. Do not give your social security number to another student to register you for a class or school seminar.

Don’t leave mail or personal financial records lying around your apartment or dorm room. Get a shredder that will shred cross-wise from a local office supply store.

Where can I learn more?

When it comes to college, it’s all about preparation. The information on Cash Course Prep will help you plan, pay for, and manage your financial life during your college years.