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Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit Union
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I teach personal finance and/or economics. Can you help me?

Yes! We offer guest speakers, lesson plans, credit union student tours, and free financial education curriculum.

Elementary School


Chair for My Mother (Reading). After reading and reviewing the lessons from the book, students will do a coin identification and counting lesson.

First Grade

It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit (Reading). After reading and reviewing the lessons from the book, students do coin identification and counting. In addition, feel free to download the below PDF’s lesson plans to use in your classroom! Free Downloads - Sammy the Rabbit Saving Lessons & Activities

Second Grade

Dragon Decides: (Reading). Identifying the different types of resources using the Dragon Decides comic/coloring book.

Third Grade

Trading & Bartering Lesson: Students rate their levels of satisfaction with paper bags with different items (fun!) inside. They can “trade” and “barter” items until their bags contain the items they like most.

We also review the importance of money use, and how the early civilizations developed money. VBSFCU supplies all materials.

Fourth Grade

M&M Budgeting Game: Students learn income vs. expenses, budgeting, and savings all in a fun candy-packed game! VBSFCU supplies candy and lessons.

Fifth Grade

Kids Marketplace (Real life scenario): Students pay “bills” for a month after being given a job & income.

The simulation takes at least an hour and a half. This is also a great PTA/Math Night activity for all ages. Click here for a schedule request form.

Middle & High School

6th – 12th Grade

Reality Store Simulation: Similar to the Kids Marketplace; but delves deeper
into real-life responsibilities and also stresses continuing education and how it impacts their financial future.

Click here for a schedule request form

All Grades

We are happy to adapt the curriculum to help with any assistance our educators need.

Student-Run Credit Union Locations

VBSFCU partners with local schools to provide on-site access to financial services students need to gain experience and knowledge about banking.

What is a Student-Run Credit Union?

VBSFCU and the partner school join to open a credit union branch inside the school building. The tellers that operate the branch are students and receive hands-on experience learning about workplace readiness skills and performing deposits. The students using the branch gain money management skills and banking knowledge.

School Tours

The tours are exciting for students of all ages. We cover workplace readiness skills, careers in financial services, what kind of questions are asked when opening accounts, how to apply for loans, marketing, IT, and more!

Other programs for all grade levels are available, email with your requests.

High School Online & Module Curriculum

FOOLPROOF - Free high school and college-age online module-based curriculum

If you are a high school teacher and do not have access to the FOOLPROOF for High School/Workplace module, please contact Amy Mallinson.