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The First Step

The first step in protecting yourself from fraud is to arm yourself with information. Learn more about the schemes and other methods that fraudsters can use to obtain your personal information. We explain some of the more common scams below and provide suggestions on how to avoid them. Click on the links to learn more. The FTC also offers great information on how to protect your computer here 

Advance Fee Schemes

Be wary of requests to pay advance fees in exchange for promises of lucrative payoffs.  Learn more about advance fee schemes.

ATM Skimming

Watch out for devices that fraudsters attach to ATMs to obtain your personal information. Learn more about ATM skimming.

Prize & Lottery Scams

Be alert to “too good to be true” notifications of prize and lottery winnings.  Learn more about prize & lottery scams.

Vishing Attacks

Beware of text messages, emails, telephone calls, and recordings that request confidential data. Learn more about vishing attacks.

Responsibility For Unauthorized Transactions

Details of consumer protections afforded by federal regulations.  Learn more about unauthorized transactions.

Phishing Attacks

“Phishing” refers to fraudulent processes in which fraudsters attempt to obtain your personal information through electronic communications such as emails, text messages, or instant messages. Learn more