ATM Skimming

What is ATM Skimming?

Identity thieves are getting creative, sophisticated, and bold. One scam involves teams of fraudsters who install wireless devices, called ATM skimmers, and cameras on legitimate bank ATMs.

The fraudster’s goal is to steal both your ATM card number and your personal identification number (PIN).

How does ATM skimming happen?

  • The skimmer and camera are disguised to look like normal ATM equipment.
  • The skimmer is mounted to the front of the ATM card slot.
  • It reads the ATM card number and transmits it to the fraudster.
  • The wireless camera, which looks like a brochure holder, is mounted in a position to view the ATM keypad and film customers’ PINs.
  • The thieves make duplicate cards to use the PINs to directly access to the ATM and withdraw thousands of dollars from many accounts in a short amount of time.

Be aware of what your ATM typically looks like. Also, be aware of the surrounding near the machine.

If you see alterations to the equipment (such as new installations or anything that appears unusual), immediately call us at 1-877-4VBSFCU.

Do not attempt to remove the ATM skimming devices.

Also, be wary of using gasoline pumps. The same skimming devices are and can be installed on the pumps in the card slot. If the slot area looks like it has something jammed inside, use another pump and alert the attendant.