Smartlink Homebanking

Access Your Account Online

Banking from the comfort of your sofa makes everything you do with your finances easier. You can deposit checks by simply taking a picture of the check with your phone. And can access your account information anywhere that you have access to the Internet, on your computer or mobile device.

Online banking allows you to manage your money without having to step foot in a branch.

As long as you can connect to the internet, you’ll be able to review your account statements, pay bills, transfer funds and more on your own time.

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What can SmartLink do for me?

  • View all your VBSFCU accounts
  • Set Up Email & Text Alerts
  • Set Up Control over Your VISA Debit Card
  • Send Secure Emails to VBSFCU
  • Check account balances & activity (90 Days)
  • Acquire the availability of funds
  • Types of Transfers
    • The Transfer tab allows you to transfer money between accounts of which you are a joint or main account holder, and also to other member’s accounts if you know their account number and suffix.
    • Transfer funds to other VBSFCU accounts
    • Make payments to VBSFCU loans
    • Set up recurring transfers in set amounts on specific dates for a designated time (for example weekly, monthly or bi-monthly)
    • Transfer to another member allows you to transfer funds to another member’s account.
  • Change your address
  • Export your transaction activity
  • View E-Statements
  • Apply for a Loan
  • Deposit Checks (mobile only)
  • Access on the Go with our Apple and Droid Mobile Apps 
  • Check withdrawal allows you to write or mail an official a check to yourself from your VBSFCU account.


New to SmartLink? Watch the below video for a quick training session!

Can I Pay My Bills With SmartLink? VBPay (Pay Bills Online)

Yes! Try our bill payment services, conveniently available inside SmartLink Home Banking. Request e-bills from participating companies such as electric, gas, phone, etc.,  set up recurring payments in set amounts on specific dates for a designated time (for example weekly, monthly or bi-monthly), or transfer funds from VBSFCU to another financial institution.

VBPay is available in SmartLink desktop home banking & on our mobile apps.

Can I Set Up Text or Email Alerts in Home Banking?

Yes! It’s So easy to set up text or email alerts!

1. Tap the three lines to the far left-hand side of the home banking screen. A drop-down box will appear.

2. Under the User Profile, go to Settings, then Edit Email. Click on the blue Add Email button.

For Email Alerts: Add your email address
For Text Alerts: Add the phone’s email (see below for service providers accepted).

Click on the e-Alert Button, then make sure you hit “submit” when you are done. (This is also where you can go to sign up for e-statements!)

3. After you add your number, go back to the three lines, scroll down to the Services bar, then click on e-Alerts. Click on “New e-Alert” and set up your alert using the mobile phone email address.

To set up text alerts, use your mobile phone email address.

Accepted Mobile Providers:

AT&T <PhoneNumber>
Sprint <PhoneNumber>
Verizon <PhoneNumber>
T-Mobile <PhoneNumber>
Union Wireless <PhoneNumber>
Virgin Mobile <PhoneNumber>

How Secure and Safe is it to use VBPay and SmartLink online?

VBSFCU understands the importance of having the proper technologies in place to protect our members’ confidential financial information. As a member of VBSFCU, you have a very important role in ensuring your financial information stays secure.

TIP: Do not write account numbers, passcodes or PINs on any membership card, credit or debit card or in your checkbook.

Security Measures Taken:

Encryption – Internet data encryption technologies are in place that allow account data to be transferred from VBSFCU to your personal computer without being intercepted by an unauthorized user. In addition, VBSFCU uses firewalls that ensure no unauthorized access to your account(s).

User Name and Password – Your user name and password are unique identifiers that only you know. As long as you don’t share your user name and password with anyone, no one can access your information.

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer helps ensure that your connection and information are secure from outside inspection.

Automatic Sign Off – If your online account remains inactive for as little as 15 minutes, you will be automatically signed off. It is in your best interest to sign out when your session is complete.

VBSFCU is committed to protecting your identity and finances and we will continue to make necessary investments as security issues evolve.